Author: Sue Ercolini


HENRY…Our Black Racer Snake

It’s late spring already and just imagine one morning wandering around your garden enjoying your beautiful flowers with a cool drink in hand.  You can hear the birds singing, feel a gentle breeze, and maybe even a sprinkle or two of rain…a garden moment.  Then you see something …


In Love with Box Turtles

I’m in love with box turtles.  Are you in love, too?  Well, probably so for there is something endearing about the box turtle.  When I was young, we were surrounded by woods and meadows, the primary habitat for turtles  It was fun to identify a yellow-belly from a speckl…


Frog Friendly Garden

One of my favorite summer things to do is sitting on our back deck and listening to the sounds of nature.  There was a time, when I first arrived in South Carolina, that the noises of the night were downright intimidating.  Our first year here must have been the coming of the cicada, sc…