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Starting today’s article with a flashback to the past, way, way back. On this day in 1775, the U.S. Army first formed as the Continental Army to fight the American Revolutionary War. The world was very different back then, but also faced many of today’s challenges. In 1775, on the eve of the Revolutionary War, there were only about 2 million people living in the 13 Colonies with half a million living in Virginia the largest colony at that time. Most of the colonists were farmers that lived and worked on farms up to 200 acres. People traveled only as fast as they could walk, ride a horse or take a sailboat. The trip from Charleston to Boston by boat took a month. A sixty-mile drive today takes about an hour, but 245 years ago that same trip would take 2 to 4 days.

Colonial America was split much like it is today, with some of the country willing to fight the British for our Freedom and autonomy, while the others wanted to take the safe route in their minds, and be British subjects under the thumb of England, rather than free to build a new country. It seems we haven’t grown much as a people in over two centuries. Half of us want to live by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, dictating our own lives, while the other half want to live on handouts from the government and have our lives dictated by big brother. Take this stimulus check, this vaccine, wear this mask and stop going to church and public places, is the mantra we hear constantly by the mainstream media. This may seem like the safe route for some people, but it is no way to live a life with so many opportunities available in this country. Why do you think almost two million people have illegally entered the country since the beginning of this administration ? America is still the land of promise, but it’s rapidly becoming the land of control and handouts, and there’s a limit to how far that can go before it all collapses.

As a grandfather with 4 grandchildren, I’m very concerned with what the future America will look like, and how many of our rights will deteriorate or completely disappear by then. Will we still produce patriots that will fight back against oppression ? Our education system continues to dumb down our children, and surgically delete our true history from America’s classrooms. Less than a half percent of our population joins the military to protect our country, and many cities are trying to “re-imagine” or completely remove their police departments. Common sense has become all too rare, as is cooperation on American streets and neighborhoods. What will become of us as a nation, and will we have to fight each other again to maintain our American heritage?

My goal is to be an agent of change, to fight back against the division that is being promoted at the highest levels of government and seats of power. Help our neighbors and train our children to know and appreciate this country. Fight against school boards and political groups that want to break down the American family unit, and to re-educate our children to eliminate the values and morals instilled by their real parents at home. This will take a concerted effort, another good reason for us to train together and have each other’s backs. God Bless you and yours, and the U.S.A!

De Oppresso Liber – We Liberate the Oppressed !

Rick ‘Pirate Hunter’ Grover strongly believes we are all in this together, and the more we learn and train, the better we will be prepared for any eventuality. This makes all of us part of an amazing neighborhood team of American Patriots. God Bless America !

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