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Renovation begins on 1812 House

Oldest brick structure in Greenville County still family owned

Fork Shoals Historical Society had a big day on May 22nd at McCullough’s Cedarhurst which is along US 25 near Princeton, SC. We had worked on the yard for days and days and had gotten a lot of wisteria under control. We even found stone paths that have been covered by dirt for who knows how long, and we raised artifacts from the dust and vines as well. Exciting! The recognition we have received from the public is amazing and we are thrilled. We continue to need everyone’s support to move forward with this restoration of our oldest brick structure (1812) in Greenville County. Visiting dignitaries included Senator Danny Verdin, House Member Ashley Trantham and Councilman Lynn Ballard along with eight McCullough family members to help kick off this work.

We had many visitors from 3 states, Georgia, NC, and SC. The funding for the restoration of the oldest brick structure in Greenville County increased over $3,000. Thank you to all those who attended and all our volunteers. We appreciate you everyone!

Kyle Campbell, our professional preservationist and dedicated volunteer, led a tour at Cedarhurst for visitors Senator Danny Verdin, House Member Ashley Trantham, and Councilor Lynn W. Ballard. Kyle provided the signage for the tours and explained the details to guests. Thank you, Kyle Campbell.
Lucy Hazelhurst McCullough shared photos of days at the McCullough’s Cedarhurst with me. The three Southern Ladies image was taken at the May Tour. Left to right is Lucy, her mother, Ann McCullough, and then yours truly. We were all three in our hats and white long sleeve shirts. True southern style. What fun! The other image of the cleanup crew is from our first clean-up-the-yard-day back in 2014, I think it was. Thanks for all the memories!

Images of our representatives are by photographer extraordinaire and Chair of the Greenville County Historic Preservation Commission, Jason Smit. He is the best! Thank you, Jason! This is the best photo of our visitors, Councilman Lynn Ballard, House Member Ashley Trantham, and Senator Danny Verdin. We are thrilled that they are supporting Fork Shoals Historical Society in the restoration of McCullough’s Cedarhurst.

Cedarhurst has a new sign! On work day April 17th, Jim Scott and Friends made the efforts easy. Bushhog work and raking and moving some trash to Twin Chimneys and the main thing – putting up the beautiful sign that Tom Stitt designed! The Tour Committee worked hard to make that happen and I want to thank Susan Cali, Heather DeJong, Cheryl MacKnight, Jim Scott, Linda Huffstetler, Nancy Rector, George Estes, Carolyn Ray, Kay Willis Burns, and the Dunklin Fire Department’s Bruce Creamer was our safety guide. Kudos to Bruce!

Thanks to all who came and worked. I can’t name you all, but know I appreciate you.

Remember our book, Highway 25 in the Carolinas, is still on sale for $21.99 at Huff’s Lawn Equipment on US 25 and Bennett’s Equipment on US 20 and at Ft. Inn History Museum and the Fork Shoals Historical Society’s web page or Facebook page. Think Christmas!

Thanks to all who have purchased from us.

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