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In a recent discussion with a reader, the subject of Illegal Immigration in South Carolina was raised. In all honesty, I had not kept up to date with this subject since Nicki Haley was Governor. At that point, the discussion between legal and illegal immigration seemed to get blurred, and the E-Verify system which was designed to force employers to hire only legal applicants, was facing battles of it’s own. Compliance to that system and penalties seemed to be difficult to process. In order to be effective, the government needs to verify that companies are following the rules of E-Verify.

E-Verify is currently the best way to electronically confirm employment eligibility and is available in all 50 states, but each state can determine it’s own mandatory requirements. South Carolina mandates all employers register for E-verify, while North Carolina only requires state agencies and contractors. Georgia has even weaker state legislation affecting only some employers, but tougher rules pending.

Approximately ten years ago, South Carolina created the Immigration Enforcement Unit. The stated mission is to “deter, disrupt and eliminate criminal activity associated with illegal immigration by enforcing immigration laws pursuant to Federal and State statues.” The current Commander E.C. Johnson has been with the unit since it’s inception and spent a few minutes with me on the phone to answer a few questions. I was pleased to hear from the Commander that E-Verify is still the law of the land in SC, and some of the kinks have been worked out. The SC unit also provides training and assistance to other law enforcement agencies in the investigation of complaints involving illegal immigrants. During the past ten years, the workload and level of complaints have been pretty consistent. When I asked about forced refugee placement across the country like the Obama Administration did, Commander Johnson referred me to the Governor’s office for those answers.

I decided instead to reach out to Congressman Jeff Duncan from Laurens County, as I had attended several of his Faith and Freedom BBQ events in the past. Congressman Duncan called me from Washington and provided a lot of current information, mostly bad. As we’ve had more than 1.5 million illegals cross into the country so far this year, the problem is very bad and getting worse. The Biden Administration is not tracking these illegals once they check them in, they just hope they’ll come back for some future court date. How likely is that ? Once they get on this side of the fence, they are free to travel anywhere they want, and South Carolina does get it’s share. Many are looking for employment, but the vast majority are looking to get on the government dole and get free income, medical benefits, and education, all at taxpayer expense.

Congressman Duncan explained we are looking at a true crisis because a lot of these illegals are not from South America, but other places across the globe with sinister reasons for crossing our border. Terrorism, drug and human trafficking, and escaping punishment in their home countries for criminal convictions are some of the most common. This year over 5,800 convicted criminals have been apprehended which is more than all of 2020, in just 5 months. Drug seizures are up over 90% on average and the total of unaccompanied minors crossing the border is off the charts. Besides the trip which is deadly enough, these children experience horrible abuse by the coyotes that bring them across.

The worst news is that these numbers reflect only the people that have been apprehended ! How many got through that were not intercepted ? Congressman Duncan is working with others in the Republican party and on his various committees, to provide solutions and work with the Biden Administration. Keeping our fingers crossed that the 535 members of Congress will start thinking about America First instead of their power and prestige is useless. We need to take action ourselves, speak up, call our representatives, run for local office, and pray !! If you know of a company that you are sure is hiring illegals aliens, report them to the authorities. The State of South Carolina can levy fines and take action even if the Federal Government is doing nothing to curb this national security threat. The chart from One America News shows the running total of Illegal Aliens in this country, the total that have crossed and been apprehended so far this year, over 1.5 million, and the staggering costs associated with carrying this burden is well over $150 BILLION this year so far ! How is this GOOD for America ? How is this SAFE for America ? How many children have been abused or died on the deadly trip to get here ? How many terrorists have slipped through the border wanting to hurt this country and her people ?

Folks, if we love this country, really love it, we need to take action and not sit back and let it happen. Let’s burn up the phone lines, social media, attend county and city council meetings and take this country back before there’s nothing left to pass on to our children and grandchildren ! You will see me at the front of the line. God Bless America Again !

De Oppresso Liber –We Liberate the Oppressed !

Stay safe, be prepared

Rick ‘Pirate Hunter’ Grover strongly believes we are all in this together, and the more we learn and train, the better we will be prepared for any eventuality. This makes all of us part of an amazing neighborhood team of American Patriots.

God Bless America !

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