Simpsonville Offers Unique Sock Store

If you are driving down North Main Street in Simpsonville, please drop by the complex called “The Square” and visit “Motsu”, the only sock store in the Upstate. You will be delighted at the colorful and meaningful product selection there, as well as the great customer service, friendliness, and warmth characterizing the establishment.

Calvin Hill and Candace Channer are celebrating the two-year anniversary of their business, which began as an online presence in May 2019 and expanded to this brick-and-mortar facility on June 1, 2019.

Calvin Hill and Candace Channer, owners

Calvin, born and raised in Greenville, came from an information technology background where he spent sixteen years in computer programming and website design. That was in another life and before he fell in love with cool, crazy socks! A unique colorful mural graces the store’s back wall. It was painted by his good friends Alex and Michelle Acevedo and contains everything he loves including music, the Motsu logo, and of course, socks.
Candace moved to the United States from Jamaica to be closer to her Dad. She says that this country is the land of hope and opportunity. Her previous background focused on healthcare where she worked in nursing and became a licensed activity director in senior care. Her genuine love and concern for people spill over into her work at the store. She says that it is all about relationships and helping people pick out the perfect pair of socks. When she gets it right, it makes her feel good.

If you are curious about the derivation of the store’s name, “Motsu,” it means “to have.” And this store has everything in the world of socks with over eighty different brands represented. They sell socks for men, women, and children in all styles and sizes, and the colorful designs reflect every possible interest, hobby, and taste. They have diabetic socks in cool, colorful styles as well as compression socks, toe socks, no-show socks, and tabby socks to be worn with flipflops. The store even offers socks for dogs and for tables and chairs!

Calvin says that the business survived the pandemic, and he is most grateful to the community and his customers for their ongoing support. He likes the smaller community of Simpsonville and getting to know the people there like family. He says that one of the good things about Simpsonville is how much support the local businesses provide to each other.

Calvin and Candace also seek to give back to this community that they love so much. In conjunction with their business, they operate a non-profit called “Motsu Socks Cares.” Candace shared that mental illness is often ignored, underrecognized, and unfairly associated with a stigma. So, she organized “Mental Illness Anonymous” or “MIA,” which meets regularly as a support group for those experiencing depression and other mental issues. Calvin says that socks are the number one requested item at homeless shelters but are the least donated. They run a program where people can bring them clean, old socks. For each recycled pair of socks, the store donates a pair of socks to the homeless. In addition, they offer up to 15% discount on the patron’s next purchase. One of the store’s walls is dedicated to the signatures of folks who have participated in this critical activity.
Currently, Calvin and Candace are working toward creating their own sock brand. They have been searching for a vendor in the United States to make the socks and believe they may have found one in North Carolina. This will enable them to create more personalized products in addition to selling known brands at their online and in-person store.

So, if you are tired of cheap socks that lack durability, desire a special gift for a family member or friend, or just need to brighten up your day, stop by this unique shop called “Motsu.” F/U/E/L the church and Shortfields 53 are in the same complex, so you can’t miss it. The address is 127 North Main Street, Suite B, in Simpsonville. The hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 11 am to 7 pm. If you visit, you are in for a treat!
For additional information, please consult or the Motsu Socks Facebook page.■

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