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Rick “Pirate Hunter” Grover

If you have been watching the news lately, you know that gun and ammo sales have been going through the roof for the past few months, and there is now a shortage of both. I recently attended a Gun Show in Spartanburg County that was so packed, you could barely get around. Prices were high, if you could find what you were looking for. Many styles of handguns are backordered for months, and even common shotguns for home defense were hard to find. I did buy a tactical 12 gauge and the last box of 12-gauge ammo that one vendor had. Prices were almost twice what they were just a year ago.

If you ask yourself why the rush on guns and ammo, the simple answer is people are concerned about crime, riots and possible government restrictions on our Second Amendment rights. This new administration has already started trying to make changes that could impact our ability to own and use our weapons for personal protection. The Washington Examiner recently quoted Biden when he called on Congress to “… enact commonsense gun law reforms, including … banning assault weapons”.
The language of most politicians is dangerous because it sounds like one thing but means something entirely different. For example, the ambiguous term ‘commonsense gun law reforms’ means nothing, but has the power to include everything. Whose definition of ‘common sense’ should we use and how is it defined ? The term is elusive, but the intent is not: disarmament.
Here’s another one for you, ‘assault weapon’. This term was fabricated back in 1989 to create a fear of as many types of guns as possible based on their “evil appearance”. But they couldn’t sell the term, “scary evil looking gun”, so they created ‘assault weapon’. Now in the real world where most of us live, couldn’t any weapon from a frying pan to a pocket knife be an assault weapon if you use it to assault someone ? They use these terms to try to control public opinion with as much deceit as possible.

Gun show loopholes are often used by the gun control wackos, as a source of illegal firearms getting into the hands of violent criminals. Facts and reality as usual, support exactly the opposite argument. According to the Justice Departments 2019 report, less than 1% of all firearms offenses came from gun shows. But the current administration and majority of Congress would have you believe the lie that these loopholes are a major source of illegal guns being on the street and beings used by criminals. The illusion continues.

If the assault on our Second Amendment continues with new laws or executive action, about 72 million of us law-abiding citizens may be labeled as criminals. So much for ‘Common Sense’.

Stay safe, be prepared.

Rick ‘Pirate Hunter’ Grover strongly believes we are all in this together, and the more we learn and train, the better we will be prepared for any eventuality. This makes all of us part of an amazing neighborhood team of American Patriots.
God Bless America !

De Oppresso Liber –
We Liberate the Oppressed !

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