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Pansy Rings…a treasure from the past

This arrangement is made in a small tubular bowl called a “pansy ring”. They are made to arrange small flowers that usually have short stems. I’ve put pansies, daisies, even camellias and gardenias in it!! Fresh ivy with a candle in the middle of the ring makes a quick and lovely centerpiece.

My grandmother, Mama Bea, had a pansy ring. I always thought the rings were so pretty! I wish I had hers. I have a small collection of three rings…two antique pieces and one lovely modern stoneware vessel.

Pansy Rings are a bit unusual and hard to find. Antique shops are the best place to look first. Occasionally you can find one on Etsy or sometimes pottery craft shops will have a pansy ring, usually with a more modern look. Where ever you find your ring, they are certainly worth the search.■

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