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Local Students celebrate unique Graduations

Dick & Anne Witkowski

While the Holley family had two members of the graduating class of 2020, the graduations were like no other. Mallory Holley is a recent Fall 2020 graduate of Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a concentration in medical technology, and two minors in chemistry and criminal justice. She graduated magna cum laude in 3.5 years. Even though the graduation ceremony was not one she expected, Winthrop, family, and friends made sure it was a special day. The university hosted a virtual ceremony along with a diploma pick up event. Faculty and staff were dressed in full academic regalia and clapped as students entered the building to receive their diploma. Most students imagine their senior year throughout school, but no one imagined one like this, and Mallory is no exception. Most classes were held online allowing her to make the most of her senior year. While maintaining a 4.0 GAP, she was able to spend her time with friend and her Delta Zeta sorority sisters. She was able to make memories that she will cherish forever.

Mallory Holley

The other graduate in the Holley family is Mallory’s younger brother, Matthew. He graduated in May from Greenville Technical Charter High School. Mary Nell Anthony, the principal, along with faculty and staff provided a memorable day for the seniors. Since a traditional graduation was not going to happen, they worked hard to find a solution. These seniors had their graduation ceremony at Fluor Field in downtown Greenville. This was particularly special for Matthew, as he was the starting catcher on GTCHS’s baseball team, and has played baseball since he was a young boy. To top off the ceremony, as students were processing out, Matthew stepped out of line as they were rounding home plate and slid across home plate for one final hurrah! He even had the dirty pants to prove it! His family and friends were elated that he got to make such a special memory. He began his college journey this fall at College of Charleston, and is studying to become a physical therapist.

Kara Holley, Matthew & Anne

Mallory and Matthew’s mother, Kara Holley, and grandparents, Dick and Anne Witkowski, along with their sister, Morganne, are all very proud of the accomplishments they have achieved this past year in 2020.■

Greenville Technical Charter High School held their 2020 ceremony at Fluor Field
Matthew can be seen sliding into home plate

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