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Jack Pendarvis

At the end of November I had such a change of scenery and a wonderful treat for the day. Bob and Connie Gecy took me for a visit to Solid Rock Stables. I had never been there before and I wasn’t quite sure where I was going, but it’s a horse boarding ranch right outside of Fountain Inn South Carolina going toward Woodruff on Durbin Road.

This ranch is owned and operated by Ashley and Pam Riddle and from what I saw; Pam does a great job with the daily activities of feeding, caring for, and training horses and riders. We talked and talked and stood outside in the blustery freezing cold wind while there were ladies scurrying all around the barn and pasture’s feeding a variety of animals. There are a couple of dozen cats, some dogs, goats, chickens, ducks, a mule, and of course horses…the horses were beautiful to see!

I was able to talk for a bit with Betsy Cooper, she said she reads my stories in the Sentinel, so I wanted to give her a hello! We sat for a short while on the porch of the little cabin on the property, but boy, that wind was cold! Even with the wind, it was a enjoyable and relaxing place.

It was such a pleasure and a little bit of a surprise to see the whole farm being run by ladies! I know there are men there to help with the hay bailing, and fixing the fences, and keeping the trees chopped up when they fall down in a storm. I know that there are men there to help, but the day I was there, there was a bunch of pretty ladies doing a pretty good job of everything that needed to be done. It was an exciting day and I hope to go back real soon. I enjoyed everything. Thank you, Bob and Connie, for taking me on such a nice trip!

As we drove down the long drive to leave, we waved goodbye to Pam. She was already in a far pasture driving a tractor and loading round bales of hay to feed the horses!

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