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Howard’s Pharmacy opens new location in Fountain Inn

After 87 years in Simpsonville Howard’s expands to Fountain Inn

Since 1934, Howard’s Pharmacy has provided the Simpsonville community with prescriptions and personalized service. On October 1, 2020, Scott and Deborah Causey opened a second Howard’s Pharmacy location in Fountain Inn to provide the community with another hometown pharmacy experience. The high school sweethearts are both natives to the area and bought the historical Simpsonville pharmacy in October 2014. Besides offering prescriptions, over-the-counter treatments, immunizations, high-quality vitamins and all-natural remedies, the Causey’s deliver a personal touch to each customer that is unlike any national chain.

Howard’s Pharmacy Ribbon Cutting Ceremony held on Nov 16

Deborah’s great Uncle, Frank Howard, was the original owner of Howard’s Pharmacy! The pharmacy has been family-owned for most of its lifespan. The last Howard to own the pharmacy was in the mid-90’s. Only by pure happenstance did Howard’s Pharmacy end up back in the hands of its family legacy. Deborah grew up in Fountain Inn while Scott was raised in Simpsonville. Deborah and Scott attended Hillcrest High School. They also both graduated from MUSC in Charleston with pharmaceutical degrees. The reason the couple became interested in a pharmacy career is because both had a desire to serve others. Scott shares, “There’s nothing more satisfying when customers tell you they appreciate what you do.” Scott spent 19 years with CVS until he transitioned to work for the previous owners of Howard’s Pharmacy and Deborah worked at the Fountain Inn CVS until July 2019. Scott explains, “Our dream was to own a pharmacy ourselves.” Opportunities to own other pharmacies fell through until the chance to own Howard’s fell into their lap. Howard’s Pharmacy has been with the community so long, they just wanted to carry on the tradition.

Scott & Deborah Causey

The Causey’s have experienced many firsts for the Howard’s Pharmacy heritage. The Simpsonville building was built over a hundred years ago and they were the first owners to renovate the upstairs and downstairs. During the renovation, they found many artifacts under the floor and in the cabinets. Scott shares, “It was like a time capsule. A medicine bag with medicine in test tubes, a saddle bag and doctor’s bag were found dating back to the late 1800s.” An old-fashioned typewriter, an antique clock and all the items found are on display at the Simpsonville pharmacy making customers feel like their visiting a museum while picking up prescriptions! Scott and Deborah were also the first family members to open a second location. Scott shares, “I just think it’s neat after 86 years, we’re able to open a second location. We’re thankful we have that opportunity, and we didn’t let covid stop us from doing it!”

After they bought it, Scott explains, “It was always a thought to expand. There really wasn’t much of a presence of an independent store in Fountain Inn. We wanted to give the community more options.” So many independent places close, “An independent expanding is unheard of,” he says. One reason they’ve been able to expand is due to how they treat their customers. Whether its life advice or guidance on medications, the Causey’s are there to help. Each customer spends one-on-one time with a pharmacist, “We get to know them, and they get to know us. We want to treat people like we want to be treated. People appreciate that and respect us,” he says. When they aren’t spending time with their Pharmacy family, Scott and Deborah travel to the beach and mountains to make precious memories with their two kids and one dog. Together, they’ve worked hard to create an extension of their family lifestyle at Howard’s Pharmacy.

Customers can expect to find skincare selections, diabetic supplies, eyecare, first aid merchandise, snacks, multivitamins (in capsules, liquid and gummies), compression stockings, footcare, goat soap, liquid elderberry, pain relievers and many other over-the-counter remedies. All insurance is taken at both locations. The Simpsonville store does carry a few more items than Fountain Inn including paper products. However, homeopathic treatments are sold at both stores. CBD oil can assist people with arthritis, sleep deprivation and migraines. Essential oils are used in diffusers for headaches or pain relief and few can be ingested. Some can even clean viruses from the air, which is important these days! In Simpsonville, they offer curbside assistance to alleviate the stress of covid times and Fountain Inn offers a drive thru for customers. Deliveries are available upon request if clients aren’t able to get to the store.

As soon as a customer walks in, the family feeling is instantaneous. Scott mentions, “The biggest thing that makes us different is our customer service. When people come here, we treat them like family. More one-on-one time is spent with customers. People feel more appreciated and open up more when they feel you’re truly listening to them.” The quality of service shows in the number of customers they’ve maintained over the years, “Generations of people come here. Some of them drive great distances.” That’s not something you’d find at a chain location, it’s just a totally different atmosphere. They’re also actively involved in the community at church and sponsor local high schools with book drives and donations.

It’s more important now than ever to support local businesses. Visit either location for a full-scale pharmacy experience at 102 S Main St. in Simpsonville or 106 S Weston St. in Fountain Inn. Hometown pharmacists can serve customers Mon-Fri 8 AM – 7 PM, Sat 9 AM -5 PM and Sun 1 PM – 5 PM. Locals can support the pharmacy opening by attending the ribbon cutting at the Fountain Inn location on 11/10/2020 at 4:30 p.m. No matter which location is visited, the Causey’s can promise locals will receive more than just medicine.■

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