Street Survival Tactics

Rick “Pirate Hunter” Grover

Greetings Street Survivors and welcome back for a few post-election comments.

Two weeks after the election and we still don’t have confirmation of the winner of this critical election.

The total tonnage of fraud and deceit, intimidation and threats, ballot discoveries, software failures, and human manipulation of votes is mind boggling ! These are tactics previously missing in the fraudulent elections of Third World dictatorships. The enemies of America, both foreign and domestic have pooled their resources, to guarantee that President Trump and by extension America herself, fails in winning !

As expected, the intentional flooding of mail-in ballots, multiple times to the same address has created a national nightmare. In conjunction with some states extending the date for receipt of ballots after the November 3rd election cut-off, along with weakening or eliminating the signature verification of ballots, and blocking GOP poll watchers from lawfully being present during the ballot counts, this desperate attempt to STEAL this election is shocking !

2020 has been a hellova year, with the devastating and tragic loss of close friends, an intentional attack of a biological weapon against the U.S. and the world at large, the impeachment of a great President and now the election from hell itself. When the light is bright and focused on the sins and corruption of those involved, America will have to recommit itself to the Founding Documents and the rule of law, otherwise the end is clear.
So, where does that leave us as Street Survivors ? We’ve answered this question many times since this column started a full decade ago. Be prepared for the enemy coming right at ya, and the one sneaking up from behind. Surround yourself with like-minded patriots, train together, inventory your supplies, and be ready to circle the wagons if you need to. Learn basic emergency medical techniques including how to stop a serious bleed, apply a tourniquet, CPR, treatment for burns and installing a splint for a leg or arm. The Red Cross and many other organizations provide this type of training. Train several family members in these skills, not just one. Cross-training is a basic ingredient in the recipe for success of a Special Forces A-Team.

Your Family Emergency Response Plan should include a phone tree of trained people you can count on. Should your home or neighborhood become the scene of a violent mob attack like we’ve witnessed too many times this year, you may want to rely on your phone tree. 911 Emergency services could be stretched to the limit and may not be able to respond. While you are performing home defense, have your designated family member dial the first couple of numbers, and before you can say ‘China Joe’ you’ll have your own Rescue Team pulling into your driveway.

Prepare a bug-out location in case you decide not to ride it out at home base. Make sure you have a Plan B and C for everything you can imagine. These survival tips apply to other national threats like hurricanes and other deadly weather events, earthquakes, forest fires, government shutdowns and even the complete loss of technology and failure of the electrical grid. Communications are a critical part of your emergency plan especially if cell service and land lines are disrupted. Old school devices like CB radios, Ham radios and hand-held walkie talkie style transmitters are still available. For about $50 you can order 2 Baofeng Dual Band FM Transmitters complete with accessories from Amazon that can provide a great backup option for your family and inner circle of defensive partners.

Survivors, America has many challenges for sure, but you are not alone in facing them. Despite the loud screaming voices howling at the moon on mainstream media, there are many patriots alive and well, who are no longer silent, proudly standing up for this country. These desperate maniacs trying to force us into a socialist existence are really a minority in this country and they will fail miserably. I am happy to contribute to their GoFundMe page to help them GoLiveInVenezuela and they can take their corrupt Dominion voting systems back with them!

De Oppresso Liber
We Liberate the
Oppressed !

Rick ‘Pirate Hunter’ Grover strongly believes we’re all in this together, and the more we learn and train, the better we’ll be prepared for any eventuality. This makes all of us part of an amazing neighborhood team of American Patriots. God Bless America !
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