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Jack Pendarvis

Well folks here I am again…for a day or two of this past week, it was sort of confusing as to what was going on in my head. I finally decided I’d better find out why my head was in a spinning mode. After tripping over my own feet, I decided to go to get a CAT scan of my head, down at Hillcrest Hospital. They decided that I had a slight stroke. It affected a small portion of my brain on the left side.

So far, I am getting along fairly well. I just have to be careful when I have been sitting for a while and to use my walker.

I am not used to just sitting around, I love to stay busy in my yard. Next week I will be able to use my lawnmower, Yippee!

My grass is so high it will almost make a few bales of hay. The deer sure enjoying not having to go too far to graze. About 10 AM this morning there was a family of five deer foraging right at my deck. I enjoy watching them and they just look up and see me and go back to eating. The twin Fawns now are about two thirds grown but they stay close to the Doe or she will call them back to her. This little deer family brings me joy every day!

I was examined by a County nurse this week and I really am upset by what he told me. He suggested that I should sell this place and go to assisted living, but I will fight to stay here in my home and on the property I love! I know that my thinking and movements have been affected, but I intend to soldier on. I am trying to write this piece for you, and I have had to make many erasures. But, be assured that I will not give up! I am not ready for the rocking chair. Stay well and make a wish with me that winter weather will hold off for a while. I am not ready for that as yet.

Till next time, Jack■

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