Street Survival Tactics

Good morning Street Survivors and welcome back.

Star Trek fans, we’ve just jumped from Warp 6 (normal operating speed for a Galaxy class Starship) to just shy of Warp 10 with Full Impulse Power ! Days away from the most critical election certainly in my lifetime, the national scene couldn’t be more insane. I can hear Captain Kirk saying, ‘Shields up, Red Alert !’

Every day, sometimes multiple times a day, we get a News Alert, that some major event is taking place and it’s hard to keep up, without watching the news 24/7. Battle lines are clearly drawn and the Cloaking Device that the Liberals and Socialists used to count on to hide their real intentions, is fully out of commission in 2020. For example, after years of telling us they don’t want to come and take our guns, they are flat out telling us they are coming for our guns. For years they said they didn’t want to raise taxes on the middle class, just the rich that make over $400,000 a year. Now, they admit they are reversing the Trump tax cuts, which immediately drops the $2,000 tax break offered to American families. For years we were told Social Security would be safe and protected, but Biden has tried 3 times to cut Social Security benefits, and Veteran’s benefits while he was at it ! There are many other lies and threats to add to this list, but the bottom line is, the Swamp cannot be trusted on any level. What does that mean to us, as Street Survivors ?

As the last column prior to the Nov. 3rd election, I come to you with a dire prediction. No matter which way this election goes, the defecation is going to hit the ventilation ! If Trump wins, the Borg Queen (Pelosi) will demand the Collective to punish Trump supporters, patriots, suburb dwellers and deplorables indiscriminately. The riots, looting, fires, violence and chaos perpetrated so far on the liberal blue cities and states that will order its own police force to Stand Down (I’m really starting to hate that term), will definitely extend into suburbia where the conservatives prefer to live in peace. The twisted reality of these desperate, warped, socialist control-freak politicians is that they will punish anyone that stands their ground to protect their home and families, while taking their guns (told ya), and will raise money to pay the bail of those that are burning, killing and vandalizing homes and businesses. This is like some weird parallel universe where up is down, right is wrong, basically the reverse of common sense and the American Way. Look no further than Seattle, Portland, Atlanta and Dallas for proof. Beam over to St. Louis and have a talk with the McCloskey’s to see how they’re doing after being vandalized, threatened, and harassed by violent anarchists, and then again by the Circuit Attorney, after having your guns taken away and charged with a felony for defending yourselves! That’s the liberal vision for America, and it stinks to high Heaven.

WARNING: If you’re planning to vote in person, as I am, make sure that the poll attendant doesn’t write anything on your ballot prior to giving it to you, like an R, or a D, or a star or anything else at all. Any ballot with writing on it, can be disqualified and this is just one of many ways to cheat on an election. Ask for a new clean ballot.

Survivors, evil does exist, and it has reared its ugly head, no longer wearing a mask to deceive us. To finish my earlier thought about my dire prediction, if Biden wins, the massive cover up of the ongoing coup to overthrow the 2016 election and remove the President from office, will be forever hidden. No punishments, no jail time, no justice and no recourse for the American people, short of Civil War. The supporters of the President will be dealt with harshly as all government agencies will become weaponized, as the IRS and FBI were during the Obama-Biden administration. Social media control of conservative voices will be on steroids, crushing truth and free speech at every opportunity. Freedoms that haven’t yet been taken away from us will be targeted, including guns, free speech, non-violent protests and gatherings, freedom of travel will be restricted, severe taxes and regulations imposed on small businesses, the possible removal of the wall on our Southern Border, and massive amnesty provided to millions of illegal immigrants. Drug and human trafficking will expand exponentially.
The time has come for freedom loving American Patriots to stand up, vote, get active, get trained and get ready for anything. Next month’s column will have .a whole new level of updates and solutions for you and your family. We’re going to the NEXT LEVEL Street Survivors !

As Spock would say, “Live Long and Prosper” !

Rick ‘Pirate Hunter’ Grover strongly believes we’re all in this together, and the more we learn and train, the better we’ll be prepared for any eventuality. This makes all of us part of an amazing neighborhood team of American Patriots. God Bless America !

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