From the Desk of the Mayor

Paul Shewmaker

The last day of the election is almost here. Why do I say the last day instead of election day? Because November 3rd is just the last day you can vote. It’s not the only day you can vote though. The Greenville County Election Commission is opening an early voting satellite polling place at the Simpsonville Activity Center on West Curtis Street. It will be open from October 12th to October 30th, Mondays through Fridays, 9:00AM to 4:30PM. Any eligible voter in Greenville County will be able to vote here. This is a great thing to help reduce the crowds at the polls that typically happen during the presidential election cycle. Hey! Please consider signing up to be a poll worker. This is something I thought I would do when I retired, but being an elected official I’m not eligible. I wish I could, but maybe you can. This is important work that makes our country go. As a poll worker you can help people exercise their rightful voice in selecting those who represent us at all levels of government. There are 151 voting precincts in Greenville County, 14 of them touch on Simpsonville. Obviously it takes a lot of volunteers to make this happen – wait! – volunteer isn’t the right word. Poll workers get paid. Contact the Greenville County Election Commission if you’re interested. Also, maybe you’re an employer who let’s your workforce show up a bit late or leave a bit early to cast their vote. Good! But possibly this year you could offer time off to employees who would like to be a poll worker. That would be even better. Thanks for listening. Now back to work. ■

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