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Did You Know?

It seems like my last writing was only a few days ago. I have heard from older folks that the older you get, the faster the days go by. Well I am in that group. In September, I will have my 90th birthday.

I never know if folks read my banter or not, but recently I was told by my editor that I would be surprised by the comments made by folks all over the Simpsonville – Mauldin – Fountain Inn area. They seem to enjoy reading my articles. I just write what comes to mind and talk about the things that I like. Bob said he happened to be at the Mauldin Open-air Market and the owner there commented about my article. That’s the place where I get my boiled peanuts, hers are the best, always hot and salted just right. Joel Ann and her staff also have a great selection of melons. On my next visit there I will be sure to introduce myself again.

We also have a great market in Simpsonville at the park. That’s where I get my vegetables. Most of the produce sold there is grown in the local area. I love fresh colored butter beans and I can find them there. We need to support these local growers; they are part of the lifeblood of our area.
I do not want to get involved with politics of the city, other than vote but I hope the city will help the Saturday market in the park to continue to prosper and expand.

Maybe for a small fee, they could let folks have their yard sales in the park. It would bring more customers to the park with a large offering of goods and consolidate the yard sales scattered all and across the city, alleviating traffic, and parking problems on narrow streets. Just a thought!
Have a great and safe summer.
Till next time!


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