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Did You Know?

Jack Pendarvis

Did you know? As I write this article for you, I’m sitting on my deck watching the Canada geese with the goslings and a doe with a half-grown calf.

I don’t see the other deer with her twins. They will be back at about 5 o’clock this p.m. They seem to be on a schedule because they come about the same time each day. A reader sent me a note about the last article I submitted for print. She seemed to have liked the idea that I am a nature lover and she is right on target! My acreage was developed with that theme on our mind. When Joyce and I purchased the property, it was a cow pasture with cows grazing. Joyce has been gone three years now, but I still have my a.m. coffee out on the deck, along with Coco and Spice at my side. It would be very lonely if I didn’t have them to care for. Right now, Coco is at my feet and Spice is snoozing on the sofa beside me. We watch nature together and just enjoy life!

I have a rocking chair, but I will have to keep on going for a while…I am not ready to “retire”. I love to keep busy and this place requires a lot of upkeep. I enjoy it all.

I put up for bluebird boxes this year, and three of them are utilized. Each one had four blue speckled eggs in them. I guess the little ones hatched and flew the coop without me seeing them. It makes me happy just to know all went well.

I have a Carolina Wren box about a foot off my sliding glass door and I see the birds come and go to feed the little ones. The entrance hole is so small that I cannot see inside but the box swings each time they come and go. I’m sitting where I can watch them. They are busy little birds! I also have an active hummingbird feeder and a Hummer is now feeding, it’s also located on my deck. Ahhhh, Yes! This is the life. Yes I am a nature lover, “Bring it on”.

Till next time,


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