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Street Survival Tactics

Rick “Pirate Hunter” Grover

Good morning Street Survivors and welcome back.

2020 What an exciting time to be alive ! We live in unprecedented times with new challenges and conspiracies every day. I won’t add to the hype but in some cases, we seem to be on information overload, while at the same time it seems we aren’t getting the appropriate dose of truth. Sure, we’ve seen serious viruses like this before including H1N1 and a series of Coronaviruses over the last couple of decades. The amazing thing is the response to this one has been extreme, and the suppression of our God-given rights and liberties as Americans has never been witnessed to this degree, certainly not during my lifetime, over a half century.

Distrust of our politicians and judges at state and national levels, seems
to be off the charts. It seems that many of our leaders are reaching way beyond their authority to restrict our movements, income and spending, even visitation of family and friends. It seems we are getting a sample of what living in a dictatorial society is like. Maybe this will help us appreciate our freedoms much more when we must fight back to secure them. Protests in the streets are taking place in the most authoritarian states and counties across the country. Michigan, California, New York and New Jersey are seeing regular displays of anger and protests of the continued closure of our small businesses, school and churches. The strange method of choosing which businesses are essential and can remain open and which ones must remain closed, seems to also follow along political lines. Our years of preparing and training for disasters, crime, and home invasions has been worth every second, but our current state of affairs clearly shows that the unexpected can happen at any time. The neighborhood relationships and training teams that you have developed are incredibly valuable when we must circle the wagons and face a new and emerging threat.

Once we survive this Covid-19 threat, many businesses will be permanently closed, families will be financially hurt or devastated, and we will have lost many to suicide and stress related deaths. How much of that was directly caused by the virus as opposed to the extreme response to the virus ? This should be a painful lesson for us as we move forward to rebuild, but also for the next generations to follow. Never again should the medical supplies we need to face this threat be dependent on other countries. Never again should our stockpile of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and medicines be depleted by incompetent Mayors and Governors that do anything BUT govern.

As Americans we always try to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and one that is clear to me, is that our front line medical staff, emergency response teams, police and firefighters have continued the fight in extreme circumstances, and we have a newfound appreciation for their dedication and endurance.

Thank you, Street Survivors, for your continued vigilance in fighting the good fight, supporting your inner circle of friends and family, but
also reaching out to neighbors and others in your community and across the country when they need our help.

I look at the example of Shelly Luther, the Dallas, Texas salon owner that stood up to fight for her business, employees and family in the face of overwhelming tyranny and I stand with her because THAT is the American Spirit we all need to revive !

Stay safe, stay smart, stay prepared!

Rick ‘Pirate Hunter’ Grover strongly believes we’re all in this together,
and the more we learn and train, the better we’ll be prepared for any eventuality. This makes all of us part of an amazing neighborhood team of American Patriots. God Bless America !

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