Letter to the Editor

With the very timely death of Soleimani, Iran says they will retaliate against the United States for “starting” a war and bring the US to their knees if they don’t leave the area, a demand that Hitler unsuccessfully made in the early 1040’s. That is very optimistic on their part. Oh to be sure Iran has been victimized by the United States whose embassies have been the targets of Iranian attacks for decades. Yes Iran with the help of Soleimani has supported various proxy terror organization who have killed many American soldiers and civilians both Muslims and Christians, kidnap, supply human sex slaves by the thousands and try to indoctrinate people around of the world into their great world vision, but only with the death of Soleimani has the war started.

Also supporting this battle against the US are the leftist progressives, democrats and the never Trumpers. This group giving aid and comfort to Iran is led by Nancy Pelosi, newly self-appointed head of the US Senate and Commander-in-chief.

Retired Lt. Colonel Daniel Davis, who achieved that rank after over 21 years in the military and having failed to achieve rank of full Colonel, had for some reason published an article suggesting a surrender of the Middle East to Iran. Perhaps ideas like this were the reason he was never promoted.
Sure their war making abilities are a fraction of those of the US, but their unemployment which is 40% and their Gross domestic product in one thirteenth of the US’s with an economy expected drop another 10% this year believe they are ready for a war. The only problem is that their war making leadership is gone. A new leader Esmail Qaani has been named, but he will not leave his bunker due to fear of another drone attack.

Iran has said that they will burn American interests around the world as they have plenty of matches to do it with. In fear of the Iranian military, Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison pleaded to be left out of the conflict as they are already on fire.

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