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Jack Pendarvis

The editor called an hour or so ago. The Sentinel will go to press soon, and he needs my banter right away. I have no idea what to write about but, I’ll think of something that we can all enjoy pondering on!

It is such a rainy day, and all I have done is just about nothing. I do have a daily routine…I have to get up and let the dogs out at daylight. Joyce and I adopted both of them. The older dog Coco was left at our kitchen door by one of our renters. She asked us to find a new home for him because she was not able to afford him. After a few days of not being able to place him in a good home we decided to keep him rather than send him to the county pound. Our other dog, Spice, was dropped from a pickup truck out on Woodruff Road. Some kind person picked him up and took him to the vet out at Holly Tree. Someone there knew us and called to see if we could take him. Well Coco needed a pal so now we adopted him too. Joyce had sold our drugstore and retired, but I was still in business, so the dogs were good company for her. Shortly after this I closed the nursery and retired. I think God had all this planned out because in just a few months Joyce became the heavenly angel that she had been on earth. So now I see her when I play with the dogs. It would be very lonely here if I didn’t have Cocoa and Spice take care of. Dogs really do become a part of your family and they accept your care and love with grateful hearts!

I just looked out over the lawn. The buck and doe with their three yearlings are grazing. The young one is at a playful age now. When he strays off, all of a sudden, he realizes he is too far from mom and he jumps high in the air and comes down running to catch up with mom-and-pop. It always makes me smile and chuckle a bit to see his antics. Things like this make my day for me…especially on a rainy day like today! We’ve has a lot of rain and more on the way, so my day is filled with my dogs, nature outside my windows and of course the chores that must continue no matter what! By the way, the dogs have learned to pay no mind when the deer come close to the house. They just lie on the deck in the sunshine. That makes it a calmer and quieter day for sure. “Like the sand in the hourglass so goes the days of my life, one day at a time”.

Coco just jumped on my chair tried to tear up first page of my written article. Ha! It’s not calm all of the time!

Till next time,

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