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Beasley’s Funeral Home Director recognized for years of service

It takes s special person to be a funeral director. Marion Beasley, owner of Beasley’s Funeral Home in Fountain Inn, is just such a person. Beasley is one of the most successful businessmen in the state.

Twice Beasley has received the Palmetto Order Award. One from Governor Dick Riley and one from Governor David Beasley. Riley appointed Beasley to the South Carolina Parole Board where he served for 27 years.

“Dick Riley, who was a friend of mine, thought a black person should be on the parole board,” Beasley said. “He asked me and I agreed. I served for 27 years.”

Beasley had grown up in Laurens where his brother was a funeral director. Beasley worked for his brother. In 1961 Beasley came to Fountain Inn and started his business. First he bought some land at the corner of Weston Street and Highway 418. Then he bought the former home of T.D. Wood that was on main street where the Dollar General Store and Rotary Club are now located. Beasley had the building moved around the corner to his land and he was in business.

“I am a mortician,” Beasley said.

Sarah Beasley, Marion’s wife for 56 years, was a teacher and Librarian for 35 years. She served on the Library committee in Fountain Inn.

“It takes a special person to be a Funeral director and to be the wife of a funeral director,” Sarah said. “It is hard in some but not in others.”

The Beasley’s have two children a son Ken, who is now manager of the business, was a star athlete at Hillcrest and played football at Wofford.

Daughter Simone was on the cheer team at Hillcrest and is now married and lives in Atlanta.

“Simone is in the pharmaceutical business in Atlanta,” Marion said.

“Marion was ecstatic when Ken came into the business. I am proud of both of them and the job they are doing,” Sarah said

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