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There’s some good coming out of this

This stinks. Really.

Taft Matney

I was hoping that this month I could talk about our new PB&J Festival (That’s Pizza, Beer, and Jazz) or this year’s lineup for Beachin’ Fridays or the 2020 Mauldin Farmers Market.

Instead, we’re dealing with COVID-19.

City parks are closed. The Senior Center is closed. The Sports Center is closed. City Hall is closed to the public except for those there for essential business or to pay court fines. Governor McMaster has ordered everyone to stay hope unless they’re going to work or to get essential goods and services.

We’re at a standstill.

Is it all bad, though? I’d like to think there’s a lot of good that can and has already come out of this. For instance…

We seem to be willing to give each other a little more patience and grace.

There are fewer cars speeding through town causing traffic jams and ill will.

We’re reconnecting with our families in ways we haven’t in a long time because the fast pace of life has been forced to slow.

We’re walking around our neighborhoods and waving at our neighbors again.

We’re reflecting on where our priorities have been and weighing them against where we are now and figuring out a new outlook of what’s important.

We’re also figuring out a new way of conducting business. In being told to work from home, a lot of people are finding out they can be just as productive.

What was a conference call or an in-person meeting only a month ago is now a face-to-face meeting over a computer connection.

City residents can participate in government from the comfort of their own homes by streaming city council and city council committee meetings (Visit: cityofmauldin.org/your-government/meeting-minutes-agendas).

Don’t get me wrong. There’s also a lot I miss. I miss handshakes. I miss hugs. I miss my son’s spring sports season. I miss being with friends in person. I miss being with family in person. I miss going to church by being at church.

When I look at where we are and put it in the overall scheme of things, I know just like every other stage of life, this is temporary. We will get through it, and one day COVID-19 will be a faint memory. I just hope the good that’s come out of it so far is something we can all hold on to for a while after we become “normal” again.

— Taft Matney serves in Seat 1 on Mauldin city Council. He can be reached at tmatney@mauldincitysc.com..■

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