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Simpsonville Farmers Market to open May 9 with new rules

  1. All regular market rules and regulations are still in effect. The following are temporary rules during this season and can be added to or relaxed as the season progresses.
  2. The layout of the market has been changed to allow for more space between vendors. You might not be in the same area as you were in in previous years. Any requests for where you will be set up will be made if space allows. To make any special requests please email Amanda at soapercalifragilistic@gmail.com BEFORE April 20. We will try our best to accommodate your needs but cannot guarantee any certain spaces.
  3. There will be signs placed around the market warning customers to please remember to keep their social distances. Vendors are required to do this also.
  4. Vendors are REQUIRED to wear disposable gloves. This is per city regulations for the market. Any vendor that does not comply will be asked to leave. The market will provide several pairs of gloves to vendors on opening day. If you have your own gloves to use that would be great! But if you are unable to find any we will have some for you.
  5. Customers are not allowed to touch anything on your tables per city regulations. They must point and pick what they would like to purchase and the vendor is to select the item and bag it. You will be provided with a sign for your table that informs customers of this. We will have tape available to secure this sign to the front of your table. Alternatively you can bring an 8×11 picture frame with you to market to slide the sign into. Signs will be laminated so can be used multiple times. If you forget your sign see Market Management for a replacement.
  6. NO samples or testers allowed. NO food samples to be handed out.
  7. NO PETS ALLOWED. This rule is for vendors AND customers.
  8. We are grateful to the City of Simpsonville for allowing the market to go ahead this season. We all need to follow the rules the city has put in place for us so we can allow the market to thrive this season. Throughout the season the rules may change and you all will be informed of them as soon as we are made aware of them.■

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  1. Thank u for being open on May 9th! Something for us to look forward to.

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