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The idea that I am five weeks furloughed from my full-time job due to Coronavirus and have yet to neither receive nor even be able to apply for unemployment benefit is the perfect example of our government’s waste and utter stupidity. I was unemployed in 2019 and exhausted my benefits for the calendar year for the state of SC but I am entitled to the federal program, yet SC will not allow me to apply. So, while I have received zero income for five weeks, I have many friends that are celebrating their raise. People went from working part-time and living fine on $200.00 a week are now drawing $750.00 every week; they are planning vacations, paying off their debt, ordering food delivery from upscale restaurants and pondering how long they cannot return to work. Lindsey Graham pointed out this issue and our government decided to not correct it. These are the people that control our lives and our money; they are not qualified.

Deborah Harris

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