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Fake News or Just Plain Lies

It has become clearer every day the true cost of fake news. In China the news media is controlled by one party, the Communist Party. Not surprisingly this media covers for them, and by that, helps perpetrate the lies of the Communist Party. The corona virus pandemic is today much worse than it had to be because the Chinese media chose to ignore warning signs of the virus put out by their own scientists. That made it possible for the government of China to suspend domestic travel and yet leave open international travel allowing the disease to spread around the world before it was reported.

In the United States we have the same problem, a news media controlled by one party and being used to further their agenda, and not to inform the American people. The only difference is that we are not a one-party dictatorship, we are a representative democracy with two parties. It should be different here.

When this situation first appeared, President Trump stopped all travel to and from China. Democrats, through the news media, stated he over reacted. As the situation became more serious the Democratic Party, through the news media reversed its position saying that President Trump was doing too little, too late. Throughout the crisis, the news media has taken a vision opposite that of the president no matter what was being done to the point of even supporting China and their lies. The president’s daily press conferences have been so effective that there have been calls by democrats for such news sources not to broadcast his portion of the press conference. He is speaking to the American people and we are listening. Only the democrats are not.

Prominent democrat and television personality Bill Maher said some months ago he would sacrifice this great Trump economy and put the country in to a recession if it meant not electing Trump to a second term. That seems to be the mantra of the Democratic Party. They are not dealing with this situation except to politicize it and no matter what the president does. They will call him names and denounce all his efforts to protect us. But not once have I heard any of these people make one constructive suggestion or do anything to help. They would rather see the country destroyed if that meant they can could run what was left.

Encouraging you to stand up for the truth

Robert Harrison Copyright 2020

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