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I am responding to Mr. Robert Harrison’s editorial in the March issue of the Sentinel. He seems to be attempting to either prove that other politicians lie and therefor perhaps our President’s passion for nearly always lying even when he does not have to, is OK. It is not! Because lives depend on his truth.

For example, just 2 weeks ago, he stood before the entire world and declared the COVID-19 virus a “Hoax” perpetrated by the democrats to impeach him again. He then overruled many expert doctors when they warned us that this is getting out of hand – fast. President’s response and I quote “we expect to see 5 or 6 cases maybe 15 at the most”. Another lie that is taking lives. He then proclaimed, “as soon as it warms up to 78 degrees, this will magically disappear”. All this and I have only touched on 14 days.

OUR PRESIDENT IN INCAPABLE of telling the truth. So, I ask the following question:

If your mother, father, or clergy lied to your face every single day, would you trust them, can you respect them, would you support them? I cannot, I was thought to tell the truth. MY mom and dad beat me when I did not. God tells us to tell the truth! Always – “the truth will set you free”! This president does not know the meaning of the truth. How can we support him?

Steven King, Simpsonville

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