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Popular event venues close in Mauldin

Recently, Mauldin has experienced the closing of two prominent event venues. It seems a bit strange to be concerned about this phenomenon given our community’s current preoccupation with Covid-19. However, one day our city will move past the current restrictions imposed by Covid-19 and the need for event venues should continue to grow.

Pat Pomeroy, President/CEO of the Greater Mauldin Chamber of Commerce, says that, “The Chamber receives many calls from individuals and groups inquiring about event venues. As the city grows, the more event space is needed to meet the demand.” In addition to the business closings in Mauldin, “The Loom” in Simpsonville is also no longer available as an event venue. The closings have left a void for places in which to hold large gatherings.

Noah’s Event Venue, formerly located at 1301 Brookfield Boulevard

Noah’s Event Venue, formerly located at 1301 Brookfield Boulevard, closed its doors in February without any warning. The local business was part of a nationwide, Utah-based company specializing in weddings but also hosting other events. Because the parent company filed for bankruptcy and ordered all associated establishments, 30 or more throughout the country, to discontinue their operations, the local business was forced to close for financial reasons. They had scheduled events through the end of 2020. This abrupt closing has left many folks scrambling for a place to hold their event and because of the bankruptcy declaration, there has also been no refund of deposits to date.

The story behind Ryan Nicholas Inn is much more positive. Pat Pomeroy says that the Chamber has held many events at this facility, including their annual banquet in November. Ryan Nicholas Inn, founded some 20 years ago by Kim Becherer, has a southern plantation feel about it. A large, picturesque mansion, 10,000 square feet in all, dominates the 6 acre-plus wooded landscape. The rich interior even includes a classic “Gone with the Wind” staircase and balcony. Serving as a venue for weddings, receptions, retreats, and other gatherings, the facility has hosted 40-50 weddings each year since its founding in 2000.

Ryan Nicholas Inn located in Mauldin with a Simpsonville address

Despite the great success of this event venue, Kim Becherer retired to Charleston SC in November 2019 because she wanted to spend more time with her family. She sold the property and facilities in late December 2019. According to Facebook notifications, Ryan Nicholas Inn should be available for scheduling events sometime this year.

In the meantime, Pat Pomeroy says that Holly Tree Country Club; Season’s Catering at 68 Global Drive, Suite 200 in Greenville; and the Mauldin Cultural Center provide viable alternatives for big events. While Holly Tree Country Club is a private facility, Season’s Catering offers the advantage of many rooms with varying sizes and is open to the community. The Mauldin Cultural Center, having been remodeled recently, provides a beautiful venue and can be rented for events as well.

Editor’s Note: This article emphasizes event venues associated with Greater Mauldin Chamber of Commerce. If you know of other venues in the Greenville/Mauldin/Fountain Inn area and would like to share information, please feel free to comment on the article at https://sentinelinternet.com/.♣

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