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From the Desk of the Mayor

Mayor Paul Shewmaker

Coronavirus! Stop the panic attack! But maybe you’re not taking this seriously enough. If you look around you can see how we are individually and collectively responding spans the spectrum. If you think social distancing and shutting down table service at restaurants is overreacting, it’s not. If you think buying 30 pounds of hamburger and stacking toilet paper floor to ceiling in your hall closet is overreacting, it is. When the British faced months on end of daily bombing in WWII they put up posters saying “Keep Calm and Carry On.” They didn’t mean just ignore it. Keep calm and carry on is a call for self-discipline, guts, and remaining cool in the face of danger. It’s a call for being thoughtful in how we respond.

Is social distancing putting a crimp in your party plans? Then try distant socializing. Pick up the phone instead of getting together face to face. Take advantage of internet streaming for church and our city council meetings. Some of the young and invincible are saying, “If I get corona, I get corona.” Hey, think about others. If you have the virus you can spread it. Think about your grandma. She can least afford to catch it, especially from you. We need to work together to flatten the curve and slow the spread of this pandemic. There aren’t enough health care workers and ventilators to take care of all of us at once.

Are you at the store and see they have ground beef? Think about others. Think about your grandma. Buy only what you really need. We all need your help to not overstress the food supply chain so that we all share in the plenty. Seriously, there’s plenty.

Unless You Hoard Things.

Finally, be sure you’re getting information from reliable sources. That means NOT the social media. If you see a panicky overwrought posting don’t take it at face value. Look at the web pages for the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. Be a leader in this fight. Be thoughtful, considerate, and calm. We just have to ride it out and the best way to do that is by taking individual responsibility and by working together collectively in responding to this crisis.

Thanks for listening. Back to work.♣

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