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Jack Pendarvis

This has to be my favorite time of the year. I like the fall time when the leaves are in full color, but the spring blooms are my favorite! Since we have had some warm weather, I have moved some of my potted plants to my deck. I do have quite a few green plants that I have to bring in for the wintertime and I’m glad to get them back out because my plant storage is rather small. As most of you know I was in the plant industry along with working with Joyce at J&J drugs. We always loved working with plants…flowers, fruits and vegetables.

I have had a few visitors to come down my driveway recently. I do not have much color yet, just a few azaleas in bloom. In another 10 to 15 days the azaleas and the rhododendrons will be in full bloom! I should not brag about my driveway, but it has many, many azaleas and rhododendrons that really show out each spring, along with the native dogwoods. I love to drive through some of the older neighborhoods and see the fruits of my labor from a few years ago. For those of you that don’t know me, I owned a retail nursery and landscape company. In addition to the drugstore, where Henry’s smokehouse is located now.

If you would like to come over, I still have free advice on horticultural problems. I have had a few calls lately wanting to know what to plant. Where and when to plant for the spring and should plants be pruned now are also some of the questions I get. Please do not cut crêpe myrtle so severely. I see this happen every spring. I just shake my head and wonder why they planted the tree? They should have used a Lex Holly, if they wanted a low growing plant.

To you that want to visit a fishing hole or just want a peaceful place to sit and sort things out, I have benches down by the pond. It’s only a few yards from the parking area. I love to have visitors because I live alone with two small dogs.

PS…Here is just a thought I had…Don’t forget that The Sentinel is a small business! Supporting the paper as a subscriber and continuing to support the paper as local advertisers is significant! Let’s all support our local small businesses!

Jack ♣

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