A Letter from the Publisher

Bob Gecy

Our newspaper has developed a reputation as a “celebration paper”. We have been known through the years to recognize special individuals and groups that are sometimes overlooked for their efforts and accomplishments. We pledge to continue that warm and fuzzy approach to news in our communities. Our March issue is a little late getting to the press because staffing limitations at our press facility has created a delay. We hope you understand and will continue support our efforts.

In this issue you will find information from our three communities local governments efforts to contain the COVID-19 virus threat and assure the citizens of their continued dedication to providing much needed services in a safe and timely manner.

As with many businesses both large and small these are difficult times. Emergency declarations from the governor and suggestions from federal agencies have closed dining in restaurants, gatherings of all kinds, worship services, churches, and performances at our theaters. All of this has challenged the bottom line of our pocketbooks. We encourage our readers to continue to support local businesses wherever possible. Gift cards and restaurant take out will help our communities survive this pandemic.

At the Sentinel we understand businesses have been impacted and advertising dollars have dwindled. However, we are proud to continue publishing and maintaining our run of nine years without missing a publication.

In September 2020, we will celebrate 10 years of providing high quality local news and celebrations within our communities. In order to continue, we need your support. To subscribe to the Sentinel you can do so by sending a check for $30 or you may visit our website at sentinelinternet.com. You can pay directly through the website. Our carriers will deliver the paper directly to your home or we can mail to those outside our delivery area.

We wish you the best, wash your hands, stay safe, and stay home.

Thank you,
Bob Gecy-Publisher

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