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Street Survival Tactics

Welcome back Street Survivors

Rick “Pirate Hunter” Grover

Between tornadoes and politics, 2020 is kicking up a storm! Hopefully your family was not injured or your home damaged, but the Upstate experienced some damage and loss of power.

For me, the new year jump-started with a great 4-day self-defense class for the young ladies at the Southside Christian School in Simpsonville. The class was full of both students and energy, and we packed a lot of learning into a small amount of time. Because we had more time this year compared to last, we added a few things we usually can’t cover, like Escape Techniques. One of the students even offered her car so we could learn and practice trunk escapes, besides the duct tape, rope, zip ties and even handcuff escapes we usually practice.

The improvised weapons training was very creative, as these young ladies brought in items from home to demonstrate how they would anticipate using them against an attacker. In your own home, office or school, you should always have 3 or 4 things picked out that you could use to defend yourself or others. A cell phone which is almost always readily available, is a great weapon for striking the eyes and throat, but also the collar bone, temple area on the side of the head, side of the kneecap, etc. One of my favorites is a large can of wasp spray which can shoot accurately to 20 ft, and likely send the attacker to a local emergency room, followed immediately by arrest.

We also had two local experts come in to discuss and review handguns for women, stun guns and other striking tools like tactical pens that would be fast and easy to use.

Some of the old school techniques are still the best especially when traveling by plane where you’re very limited in what you can take on board. A handful of pennies in a sock, can put a big dent on the side of an attacker’s head. A similar weapon would be a large metal nut from Lowe’s on a short length of military parachute cord. Swing that sucker at the face or head and you could take the fight out of your basic dirtbag. I would separate the coins, nut, sock and string when going on the plane, and assemble it when on board in case you have a threat on board to deal with. Make a game of it with your family members and co-workers to not only pick an improvised weapon but exactly how to use it. In most cases you should always strike in a straight line from you to your opponents target area, not in a circular or swinging motion which is easier to see coming and easier to block. Strike with speed, power and confidence first to the face and then to the center of the body, or lower body to break a knee.
Stay safe out there and make 2020 your best year yet for training and situational awareness !

Rick ‘Pirate Hunter’ Grover strongly believes we’re all in this together, and the more we learn and train, the better we’ll be prepared for any eventuality. This makes all of us part of an amazing neighborhood team of American Patriots. God Bless America !

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