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Our U.S. Congressmen share views on Trump Impeachment

District 3 Rep. Jeff Duncan & Dist 4 Rep. William Timmons

Trump is Exonerated, Forever Acquitted


President Donald Trump is acquitted for life!

The Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt has finally come to a close. Here’s the disgraceful sham by the numbers:

• 134 Wasted days not working for the American people.
• 119 Democrats who supported impeachment before the whistleblower complaint became public.
• 17 Democrat witnesses called.
• 0 Republican witnesses called.
• 3 Silver platters Speaker Nncy Pelosi (D-Calif.) used to present celebratory pens for the “solemn” signing ceremony.
• 33 Days Speaker Nancy Pelosi held the extremely “urgent” articles of impeachment.
• 63 million votes Democrats tried to invalidate due to their hatred of the man in the White House.

The impeachment political hit job lacked due process or fairness for the president, breaking all historical precedent. The Democrats’ unfounded case met its final fate in the Senate where it came crashing down due to lack of facts, evidence, or truth. The White House Defense Team obliterated the sham orchestrated by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and Co. bit by bit.

No quid pro quo. No pressure. No impeachable offense.

Now, this unconstitutional impeachment expedition is the Democrats’ legacy. They are responsible for dividing our country and taking us down a long, hard road of impeachment solely because it’s what their radical base demanded. It’s been the goal since Jan. 20, 2017 when they saw President Trump step foot in the White House, promising to drain the swamp and put America first.

Their legacy of impeachment is all they have to show for their House majority – and the American people will judge them harshly. In the midst of it all, President Trump stood up for America on the world stage and worked to unleash the best economy in the world. He never let the impeachment noise from the swamp stop him.

It’s time to move on now that the Democrats’ efforts to dismiss 63 million Americans have been crushed. The impeachment chapter is closed, and the witch hunt is over.

President Trump is vindicated and acquitted for life.

It’s time to get back to work.

Duncan represents the 3rd Congressional District in the U.S. House.♥

Timmons Praises Acquittal of President Donald J. Trump


Washington, DC — Congressman William Timmons released the following statement following the acquittal of President Donald Trump:

“The Senate voted to acquit President Donald Trump of all charges brought against him, and all I can say is: it is about time. Democrats have been focused on undoing the 2016 election and the will of the people since they took control of the House last January. I am pleased that the Senate saw through the political theater and voted to acquit the President.

“I have every confidence that we can tackle the biggest issues facing our country, but as long as the impeachment saga dragged on, this was impossible. The President showed in his State of the Union Address last night that he is more than willing to partner with anyone who wants to better our country, regardless of their political party. It is time to build on the bipartisan success we have already had with Senator Scott’s Opportunity Zones and with Criminal Justice Reform. This is the blueprint. This is the way forward.

“We will never be able to solve our country’s biggest problems without bipartisan collaboration. With impeachment behind us, it is time to move forward and come together to serve the American people.”♥

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