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Did You Know?

Jack Pendarvis

Well! Here I am again. I wonder at times if folks read my banter, but I think you do since people comment to me at church on the Sunday after the paper is printed. My last rendering was about the wildlife on my property. Several gents that sit in the pew behind me wanted to know if the beavers were a danger to the dam. The answer is a big no! The beavers make a hole at the surface level and go in a few feet to dig out a space to birth and raise the little ones. The dam at this level is about 20 feet across, so there is no danger of a break. I enjoy seeing them chew off the ends of branches and swim back to make a soft bed for their little ones. The heavy rains we had over the weekend made me a little nervous, but my overflow drains helped the water line to stay at a safe level.

I live on the banks of Rock Creek as it bends for the river, it passes through several neighborhoods. I can stand on my deck and watched the creek rise. It’s an interesting sight.

Reading about my problems is not what you expect in my writings, but we all have problems and mishaps that we just have to vent some time. One of my renters just called me to tell me she has no water in her home, so I have to put my writing aside and become a plumber for a while. One hour later I’m back. She had a broken water line under her bathroom. I put a temporary patch on it because it’s 8 o’clock in the evening and it’s too dark for me to go guessing at fixing the problem.

As the saying flows through the hourglass, so goes the days of my life. I will fix the problem when daylight comes again. When you get to my age, you just don’t let these little things bother you. Just shrug your shoulders worry about it later.

It’s getting close to Valentine’s Day! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s. I am the greatest pro at putting things off. I haven’t purchased my sweetie a box of chocolates yet, but I will.

Well, it’s time to wrap this up. I hope to see you all in church again this Sunday.

Thank goodness I have a wonderful proofreader to correct the errors in my writing. I like writing these little stories, but I was never good in English or spelling. However, after 27 years of experience, I still know how to grow a garden, be it food or beauty. Everyone has a special talent. I enjoy sharing my love and knowledge of nature and gardening.

PS A friend just called wanting to know when to prune the shrubs!

Till next time. – Jack♥

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