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LSU vs Clemson

Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana with
SC 3rd District Rep. Jeff Duncan

Jeff Duncan comments on the Clemson game…

After very little sleep last night, I had a chance to reflect on “The Game.”

LSU bested us. They are a great football team, led by an amazing Quarterback. Clemson had a great start, but Coach O’s staff and team made the right adjustments and completed some amazing passes.

I believe Clemson showed the nation that we deserved to be there and that the win over OSU wasn’t a fluke. Being in the stadium, I can tell you that the LSU crowd was stunned initially. But those Bayou Bengals are tenacious and played like the champions that they are.

You will see me in an LSU tie today — and I am fine with it. I lost a friendly wager to Whip Steve Scalise over the game. As someone who loves Louisiana, likes LSU, and has a lot of respect for Coach O, I will, if not proudly, but respectfully wear the Purple and Gold.♦

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