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The Average American

Scrooge described them as “surplus population” in Charles Dickens 1843 novel A Christmas Carol. Later, Henry Potter described them as “rabble” in the Frank Capra movie It’s a Wonderful Life. In the 2016 campaign for president, Hillary Clinton referred to them as the “deplorables”.

But the United States Constitution refers to them as “we the people”. Despite this there is a long history of average people being overlooked by certain members of the government. Their only opportunity to count was written into the constitution by our founders who, despite their wealth in some cases, wanted this country to be governed by “the people”.

Over the years it has become so expensive to even run for office that only the very rich could hope to do so. Wealth can be made from business, but also from politics. But one has to ask “How do they become millionaires in government with a salary not representative of that figure”. The Clintons became excellent examples of this with the Clinton foundation being used to raise millions of dollars for extravagant living and to give them the funds to be involved in politics. They were basically broke as a result of their personal efforts, but getting them in to public office and running for president has changed all that. They are now part of the “ruling class”, and destine to run our lives, they thought.

They are all a part of the swamp that are imbedded into our government that runs it all including the news media. But how can someone who generally cares about the average person ever have the resources get into office and turn the situation around. Enter Donald Trump. A man who has a reputation the effective negotiating skills but always had time and an ear for the average person. Truly he is an exceptional person. And what does he get for it, absolute lies and attacks form the ruling class who see him as a threat. For this abuse he takes no salary and has cut White House staff dramatically compared to his predecessor.

Why is he such a threat? Because he does care about the average person and owes nothing to the ruling class or the media. Instead of making money as a government employee, he is losing it. He believes that turning the people loose with economic opportunities will make this country better and their lives better than it ever could be if run by the ruling class. The ruling class does not want this to be seen. The superiority of our system of individual freedom will outshine the socialist system promised by the progressives every time. When the average person sees his or her success without government intervention, the liberal philosophy of socialism will die a natural death as all people want to be free.

Robert Harrison

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