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Did You Know?

Jack Pendarvis

One thing I know is that each month my mind searches for what I’m going to write.  I was sitting at my deck watching my visiting geese on the pond, and I got a good idea of what to write!  As many of you know, my house was built into the side of a hill. When Joyce and I bought it many years ago, there were cows grazing on what is now my lawn.  Joyce is gone now; she went to live with God for her everlasting life with him, but she and I turned this pasture into what our friends call paradise when they came to visit! I still love this property that we created together. I am not lonely because of the wildlife! Geese flock in, and about 5:00 deer come to graze, and I have lots of birds! My two dogs have affected when the deer come, but the dogs soon settled down and I do not let them on the deck when wildlife is present.  We, the dogs and I, really enjoyed having wildlife to watch.  By the way, our 10 acres or on the national list of Certified Wildlife Habitats.

Would you like to have your property certified? It’s easy to do.  You just have to have water, food, cover, and places to raise young available for the animals. You also need to maintain your yard and garden in natural ways to ensure soil, air, and water stay healthy and clean.

We have some beavers that decided our property was very desirable…I wish they would find another home because they dig into the dam and ruin the integrity of the pond! They have made four large holes on-site and the pond will no longer hold water. It makes me sad to lose the pond.  They love the bark on the crepe myrtles that are near the pond too. I don’t mind sharing, but they have caused lots of damage!  I’m glad they do not care for the Magnolias…thank goodness. 

I have a small sign that near the gate that states KEEP OUT due to unwanted intruders, but I’d love to have visitors! So, if you are over on my side of town, come on in.  I am usually outside, just wave or stop by for a chat! The driveway is quite long… it is really beautiful in spring with dogwoods and wild azaleas! You do not have to turn around, you just go up through the woods and get back on Westwood Drive.  Enter at 103 Westwood Drive.  May God Bless You as he has blessed me.

 PS Happy Birthday to The Sentinel, 10 years strong and counting!

  Till next time,


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  1. Catherine Bullard

    Uncle Jack..
    We hope that you continue to write the articles. The girls and I always read them and we enjoy them so much.
    We love you!
    Marley, Aida Grace, and Kess

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