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Did You Know?

Well, I am here again. I do not kow how much longer the editor will print my ramblings because I never know what I will put on paper. I just write whatever comes to my mind.

Jack Pendarvis

I am sitting in my den and watching my flag waving in the breeze. I am thankful that I no longer have to go out. I put my two doggies out and by the time I go to get another glass of tea, they are at the door and you can almost hear them begging to come back in. They don’t care for cold weather either. The old adage is…in winter you can add more clothing, but in the summer, you can only take off the outer layer. These days the younger generation can get by showing a lot more skin than when I was young. Of course, we boys could go shirtless and girls could wear shorts when the days were warm. No matter how warm, I do prefer spring, summer, and fall! I don’t care for the cold weather to come around. I like to be outdoors most of daylight hours. However, I will not worry about the weather! What comes will come, bear with it. Weather is very changeable.

I hope you are all ready for the Christmas season. It is a time to celebrate Our Savior’s birth. It seems like the business folks are pushing it up a bit. I see some ads for the season before Thanksgiving, that’s too early for me to get excited, even though I love Christmas.

When my brother and I were young during World War II, toys were scarce, but we would run to see what was left in our stockings by Santa. The first thing we saw was a banana sticking out of the top of the sock, but over in the corner we would find a bike and a few small toys. If you are old enough to remember, you know that most toys were made in Japan, but since we were at war with them toys were few.

It’s fortunate that we have memories, those were the days, so they say. It seems like folks appreciated things more than they do today. I hope you have a most wonderful time this season, one that you will always remember. Memories are precious…make beautiful memories and hold on to them!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Till next time.

PS Thanks for letting me reminisce.

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