Letter to the Editor

Sons of Confederate Veterans Participation

Dear Mr. Gecy:

I was very unhappy to hear of the Fountain Inn Chamber of Commerce’s decision to deny the application submitted by the Captain Moses T. Fowler Camp #1721 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans for participation in the 2019 Aunt Het Festival. I have attended meetings of this group and have found them to be welcoming and informative and extremely proud of their Fountain Inn heritage. I am also aware of the group’s active participation in other community-related events and activities. This is a hard-working group of individuals, so I am confused as to why their application was denied. I placed telephone calls to the Chamber and to City Hall to express my opinion. In addition, I sent email messages and faxes. I appealed to their sense of fairness. As a result of all of my attempts, I heard back from the City Administrator, only.

The Captain Moses T. Fowler Camp #1721 has supported the Aunt Het Festival for more than 20 years. They conduct themselves in a mature and professional manner and bring revenue to the Town of Fountain Inn. It is my opinion that the Chamber and City officials have a responsibility to all Fountain Inn residents, and I was deeply disappointed with their decision.


Nancy Fleming

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