Letter to the Editor

Handicap Voter Denial

Yesterday morning my neighbor phoned me. She was at City Park to vote and being disabled with both oxygen canister and walking cane, she was waiting, in the handicap voters area, for a poll worker to look out and come to her car so she could vote. It never happened. I told her to drive up the steep incline and blow the horn but a poll workers car was already parked there. Not being able to go help her, I called the police department and spoke to dispatch. An officer was not available but a sweet young lady offered to walk over and see what she could do. My friend was finally allowed to drive up behind the poll workers car but she still had to get herself, oxygen, and cane out of the car, which was now on a steep slope and go inside to vote. She was then told because of the new machines they no longer offered curbside voting for the handicapped. I cannot believe a new voting machine is not portable and will disenfranchise handicap voters. Isn’t this against the Americans With Disabilities Act?

G Lawrence

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