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Did You Know?

Jack Pendarvis

I know one thing; the days are getting shorter. It seems like I go to bed on a Saturday night, but when I awaken it is already Monday morning. If it’s not that way with you…one day it will be. Time Flies!

As I grow older, I recall things my dad told me many, many years ago. He was only 51 years old when he had a fatal heart problem. Three years earlier he stepped on a rusty nail that went through his foot, from that he had a blood clot that finally did him in. In those days 1949 nothing could be done medically. If that were to happen to someone today, a clot could be dissolved.

This morning is dreary, so I am inside. It is too wet for me to be outside. The editor, Bob, called last evening to remind me that the Sentinel would go to press on Friday, and he needed my banter right away. So, I’m sitting in my front room and as I try to write I keep looking out over my yard and pond. A few minutes ago, my visiting geese came in. They usually come in earlier, but I guess they are like me on a day like this…kind of moving slowly. I love to be outdoors, and I have lots of work to catch up on. Hopefully I will mow my lawn later today for the last time this season, as a lot of you know I have almost 5 acres of lawn to keep up. It’s a big yard, but there are so many interesting and beautiful things to see here! My love of Nature never diminishes. My late wife Joyce loved to keep our place looking great. She has been gone over two years now and I miss her dearly. I feel like she nudges me when I neglect my upkeep of the place. She was in charge of the maintenance here and she kept me moving. She was great motivation to me!

Until next issue, my dogs Sugar and Spice wish you the best of health and life.

Editor’s Note: Connie and I want to wish Mr. Jack a Happy 90th Birthday! He celebrated this wonderful milestone birthday in October!

So next time you see him, don’t forget to say Happy Birthday!


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