Letter to the Editor

Supporting Paul Shewmaker for Mayor

Simpsonville faces a clear choice this November 5th: Paul Shewmaker for mayor. We need a mayor with his integrity and heart. I believe he’s the best choice who will always put the people of Simpsonville first.

We need a person who will do the city’s business in the open instead of pushing through changes without making an effort to inform the people. We need someone who will fill vacancies on the boards and commissions with committed Simpsonville citizens instead of family members and people who don’t even live in the city. We need a person who can think carefully about issues and make better choices. We need someone to manage growth and push for infrastructure to be in place before we add to our traffic problems.

Please vote for the better choice, the person with the ability to represent all of us. Vote for Paul Shewmaker November 5th.

Isabel McFadden

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