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Street Survival Tactics

Rick “Pirate Hunter” Grover

Welcome back Street Survivors

Today’s discussion was tabled last month so I could present the Air Med Care Network – Regional One program to you. Thanks for the feedback and the stories of family members and friends in your life that have been saved by these great medical professionals. Keep them coming, and maybe I’ll feature your personal story in an upcoming column.

Some of my readers have been looking for defensive tools other than firearms for personal and home protection. There are also times you can’t carry a firearm and need to use other tools instead, like when you work for a company that won’t let you carry on their premises, or when traveling overseas. I look to this as a positive challenge though, because it allows you to use your number one weapon hands down, your brain ! You’ll need to take a serious personal look at your abilities and weaknesses in order to choose tools that will work best for you. Once you open your mind, many things around you in your day to day life, can be used as a weapon. I’ll list a few of these for you to consider and to get your imagination jump-started. Your assignment is then to start looking around every room you walk into to see what items you could use to deter an attack, and how you would use them correctly. Once you start identifying these items in your home, your office, other places you frequent, please send me an email with your suggestions so I can pass those on to others. Remember, in most cases, the decisive action you take against an attacker is not only to protect you, but possibly other family members, friends, students and co-workers.

Here’s a few sample everyday weapons and how best to use them:

– Tactical pens come in a lot of shapes and styles these days. I prefer this as one of my top day to day carry items kept in a pocket or easy access location, and preferably made of aircraft aluminum for strength. Most of these pens can go thru metal detectors no problem, I carry mine on every flight. Best way to use it, hold it in your dominant hand, put your thumb on the top so it doesn’t slip through your fingers when you strike. When attacked, straight line strike to the face or head and then drop down to the body center mass. Two quick strikes then start backing away, ready to repeat of necessary.

– Umbrellas, canes and baseball bats can be found in almost any home, office and school in the USA. Don’t swing it like you normally do with a baseball bat. Instead grab one end with your dominant hand, and the middle of the weapon with your other hand. Stand sideways and strike in a straight line again to the face followed immediately to the midsection. Put your body into it, swing your shoulders and hips when you strike and push hard with your dominant/rear hand for power. Back away quickly and escape if you don’t have to follow with repeated strikes.

– Wasp spray is deadly accurate up to 20 ft, and looks very normal sitting on a desk in your classroom, office, etc. Shoot for the face, mouth and eyes even if they are wearing glasses. If they continue to approach even when blinded, you can use the large canister as a short version of the cane, using the same technique.

There are many other items around you that can be used as Improvised Weapons, once you start thinking about it, so get creative and send me your best ideas !

Rick ‘Pirate Hunter’ Grover strongly believes we’re all in this together, and the more we learn and train, the better we’ll be prepared for any eventuality. This makes all of us part of an amazing neighborhood team of American Patriots. God Bless America !

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