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IHS Staffing Celebrates 15th Year in Business

Angela Brooks and Diane Whisnant

In 2019, Diane Whisnant and IHS Staffing will be celebrating their 15th year of being in business. She started out as a single mother of two, and now her daughter, Angela Brooks, co-owns the company! Whisnant said,” times were hard,” with little money to support her children. She bounced around jobs and eventually became the manager of a RadioShack for 15 years. She grew tired of working all the time, so she decided to move into a new industry. She began working as a saleswoman for a staffing company in Myrtle Beach and learned the basics of the business. Diane observed her boss closely and thought many times to herself,” if she can run a staffing company, so can I.” She moved back to Greenville and started working on the new company at her dining room table. She ran ads, rented a building, and started the hiring process all within a week. Business started slowly and it was difficult to find and keep clients, but it would prove to be worth the struggles. Her determination never faded and over the course of a few months business picked up and started to flourish. 15 years later, she and her daughter preach quality over quantity for their clients. They have around 100 employees and strive to give their employees second chances and open up new opportunities for them. Many employees have come back to IHS to work according Diane and she is always open to allowing former employees a position.

While at IHS, employees are taught professionalism, how to dress, appropriate behavior with cliental, and how to exemplify wonderful customer service. Diane values client needs over employee needs and sends employees to a counselor if they are struggling with their position. The greatest thing about the staffing business Whisnant says is,” helping people find jobs that can change their lives financially or personally.” Allowing people to go out on their own with guidance from her firm, brings her the most fulfillment at IHS. Diane’s biggest goals for the company are to produce quality employees for clients and to build and lasting relationships. She thanks every client for giving her the opportunity to produce for them. Diane and Angela, continue to dominate the staffing business after early struggles of starting the company and the hard work put into keeping IHS Staffing alive for 15 years.

Their business, IHS Staffing, is located at 503-B SE Main Street, Simpsonville, SC 28681

Please call 864-228-9981 to contact Diane Whisnant or Angela Brooks at IHS Staffing.♦

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