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Did you know?

Hello friends! Boy, oh boy does time fly by. It seems like my last writing was just yesterday.

Uncle Remus, if you remember him, said once that he went to bed on Saturday night and when he awakened it was Monday morning. He also said that today’s airplanes fly so fast, they are gone before they get here. I have to say I agree with him.

Jack Pendarvis

That’s the way it is for me. I try to plan my yard work for the next day today, but it doesn’t turn out that way. It seems like I am always a day behind. This month I had to mow my lawn (four acres), every week. With the heat and ample rain, I can almost hear my grass and weeds growing.

I have a goldfish tank on my deck with a small pump to recycle the water for aerating it. It pumps the water up and through an old pump and the water picks up oxygen while falling back into the tank. It’s so relaxing to hear the falling water and see the beautiful fish gliding around the tank. This is a small thing that makes me smile.

If you are wondering why I write this gibberish each month, it’s because readers keep telling me they enjoy reading my banter. I never know what I will write, but when the editor calls and says he needs an article for tomorrow’s printing I sit down, take a deep breath and try to write an article that you folks could read and perhaps have similar thoughts come to mind.

I have been in Simpsonville since 1962, and each time I go to church, I see changes as I travel Main Street. I see buildings being rebuilt or at least not torn down. It seems like I see a lot of new businesses coming to town. Fairview Road seems to be the shopping area these days. That road is becoming the place to go for a quick meal, home improvements, pretty clothes, or for a variety of delicious lunches and dinners from burgers to a good steak. However, you can still find good food and shopping up and down Main Street too.

When we open J&J Drugs where the old cotton gin was, it seemed to be the start of Simpsonville becoming a city instead of a town to drive through on your way to Columbia. There was no I-385. Now we are a bustling city and still growing. So many changes, and it sure did happen fast!

Enjoy the (warm) fall weather, it will be gone before it gets here. Ha! Ha!
Love and luck to all of you.

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