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What’s Your Limiting Belief?

Brande Bree Gorham
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I’ve been asked several times over the last few years if I could help find commercial property. My answer was always the same, “I’m licensed to sell commercial, but I don’t know anything about it.” It’s true, I really didn’t. As a Realtor focusing mainly on Residential and helping my clients buy and sell homes, I didn’t know where to start with a commercial deal.

Fast forward…about a month ago I was asked again, but this time it was different. The person asking was an investor client who I’ve helped purchase several houses and she has become a very trusted friend. How could I tell her “no”? The answer is, I couldn’t. Plus she would never take “no” for an answer. It’s one of the things I love most about her. She pushes me, without even realizing what a benefit she gives me by doing so.

So here we are! We just went under contract on our first commercial property. A 12,000 square foot building where my friends dreams are about to come to life. Her plans for the future are laid out in front of both of us, and the possibilities are incredible. I’m so blessed she urged me to take this adventure with her.

Who knew!!! All this time I had this ability to step outside my comfort zone and do something huge. It’s easy to be the person that tells others to “go big or go home”, and when you actually apply it to your own life, it’s so powerful.

I’d like to encourage each of you to do the same. Think about that leap of faith thing that you have fear about. What “could be” if you would only expand the belief you have in yourself. I challenge you to dig deeper, stretch further and execute a dream you have.

I would love to know how this article has helped you. Please feel free to reach out to me at or message me on Facebook at Brande Bree Gorham Realtor. Have a blessed day and I look forward to hearing from you soon.♦

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