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Bell’s Bits – Summer is ending, and children will be starting school soon. Traffic will be heavy the first few weeks of the school year, so please be patient. I hope all our students and teachers in the area have a great school year.

While Emanuel Sullivan Sports Complex (Woodside Park) is under construction, we are very thankful to Greenville County Schools for allowing Fountain Inn Recreation to use the facilities at Rudolph Gordon for baseball, softball, and football.

The splash pad in downtown seems to be a hit! Here are a few items to keep in mind so everyone can enjoy it: this is an unsupervised facility; water shoes are recommended; no pets are allowed; no food, drinks, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or e-cigarettes are allowed; public restrooms are available at The Ice Cream Fountain and the Chamber of Commerce building; and all children under twelve years old need adult supervision at all times.

Thank you to everyone who came out for National Night Out in downtown on August 6th. The City of Fountain Inn truly thanks our First Responders for the work they do day in and day out. However, I especially appreciate all the community building programs our Police and Fire Departments participate in throughout the year.

Did you know that you can purchase a recycling container for only $25 now? Just go to to purchase the container and get signed up for recycling service. If you are a household that typically fills up your trash container (and maybe even spilling over) every week, this is a great way to avoid paying the second trash container annual fee.

We have a new Automated Side Load (ASL) garbage truck. Unlike the typical rear-load truck we use, with an automated side load truck, the driver controls a mechanical arm from inside the truck. The arm grabs your trash cart, dumps it, and sets the cart back down at the curb. Due to the new truck, we are asking all citizens to begin placing their cart facing forward. The handlebar and wheels should be facing away from the street (handle and wheels should be facing the home instead of the street).

The Fountain Inn Fire Department is accepting applications for our first annual Citizens Fire Academy. The application can be found on our website We will be accepting them until the end of August and the class begins in October.

Dancing on Depot is ending soon. August 30th will be our last Friday night music concert of the season. We hope you had a chance to enjoy one of our free concerts in Commerce Park this summer.

Please be mindful that the City of Fountain Inn does not pickup bulky waste (large items such as furniture and mattresses); construction & demolition debris; hazardous waste; or white goods (items such as appliances and water heaters).♦

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