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Did You Know?

Jack Pendarvis

I know one thing for sure, I will never undertake the job of cleaning the outside of my home and deck with the pressure washer. I thought renting a washer and doing the job myself would save me some cash. Well it took two eight-hour days, and I ended up with an aching back! The next time the deck needs a good cleaning, it will not be by me. I will rely on a professional.

Things are a little on the quiet side off I 385. About all the land around me is fast becoming the apartment capital of lower Greenville County. Some of the older residents can remember the old juvenile prison, “Givens”. All of that property is now a huge apartment complex. The way things are growing in our area we will soon be covered by some type of business or housing complex. Our local wildlife is losing their habitat. Sad that progress and growth does that.

When Joyce and I opened our drugstore, where the old cotton gin was located, we were told we would not last long. “Simpsonville did not need another drugstore.” Well, 17 years later we sold J&J Drugs. We really enjoyed being there because the store became the social meeting place. A group of town leaders met there for coffee each morning. Some of that group still meet for coffee at the Coach House. I’ll have to meet with them one morning just to get caught up on the day’s happenings. Simpsonville seems the place to live these days. We used to be called a bedroom community. Most of our residents worked elsewhere. Things sure have changed in my 50 years of calling the town (now city) my home. I have been very happy here and have a lot of friends that I love to be with, at home, church, or on the street. When I drive anywhere in town, I wave to the people driving by, after all they are my friends. Till next time.


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