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One in a Million

On the morning of 8-3-2019, patrons and staff in Eggs Up Grill, located at 1939 Woodruff Road, Unit E in Greenville, eagerly awaited the one-millionth egg to be cracked, cooked, and served to a lucky customer.  The previous owner initiated the egg count-down when the restaurant opened in November 2013.  Dazz Collins, the current owner, continued the tradition when she assumed ownership in February 2015.

Dazz and managers Patt Sharmer and Sherry O’Sullivan eagerly planned for this celebration with a large, specially- decorated sheet cake, enough to serve each of their customers a piece, and yellow balloons.  On hand for the commemoration was Ricky Richardson, CEO of Eggs Up Grill.  At last, the cook cracked the marked egg, allowing it to sizzle on the grill as Sherry updated the egg tally on the wall hanging to 1,000,000. 

Then, Dazz, Patt, and Sherry served the millionth egg meal to Gina Smith.  Gina, her husband, Bob, and son, Christian, visited Eggs Up Grill for the first time that morning of 8-3-2019.  Having moved from the Sacramento area of northern California 3 years ago for job reasons, Gina says that she passed by this restaurant several times and wanted to try it out.  On August 3rd, while out on a search for a palm tree to plant in their yard, they decided to stop in Eggs Up Grill for breakfast around 10 a.m.  Imagine their surprise when they walked right into this celebration, Gina became the millionth-egg customer, and then, she and her family received Eggs Up t-shirts, a gift, and cake. Now, that’s a first-time visit to remember!  As part of the celebration, staff offered cake to all the patrons in the restaurant.

Video of the millionth egg served celebration.

Dazz Collins, who grew up in New Jersey, came to South Carolina as a Converse College student and met her husband here.  She has embraced this community and describes it as very warm and friendly.  In 2015, she and her husband ate breakfast at the Woodruff Road restaurant for the first time.  Dazz, a former preschool teacher, found it to be such a pleasant and charming place that she decided to buy the franchise and become its owner and operator.  Her parents who lived in Florida at the time, moved to this area and her mother, Patt Sharmer, became manager of the Woodruff Road restaurant.  Currently, Dazz owns and operates two Eggs Up Grill restaurants, this Woodruff Road facility and one on Pelham Road which opened just this year. 

Dazz Collins (first row second from left) and the Eggs Up Grill staff.

In addition, she has purchased the Rail Line Brewing building, located at 301 North Main Street in Simpsonville, which she plans to remodel and open as her third Eggs Up Grill franchise in late December 2019 or early January 2020. They have already begun cleaning out the building in preparation for remodeling.  This new restaurant will include an innovative kitchen design and radiate the same family atmosphere that makes the Woodruff Road restaurant such a stand-out.  In Spartanburg, there stands an Eggs Up Grill restaurant which offers an innovative kitchen training facility and serves as a testing site for new dishes.  No doubt, their new staff will attend classes there.

Patt Sharmer and Sherry O’Sullivan

Sherry O’Sullivan, currently assistant manager at the Woodruff Road Eggs Up Grill, will become the manager of this newest addition.  Sherry grew up in Michigan where she originally trained to be a teacher.  She and her husband moved around a lot, because of his job in automotive interiors.  Places they have lived, besides Michigan, include Columbia, Missouri and Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Fifteen years ago, they arrived in this area of South Carolina and since then, it has become home.  Because she had worked at Bob Evans Restaurant to help with college, Sherry took a job first at Bob Evans and then, at Mimi’s Café until it closed.  In her current role, she enjoys talking with the customers and getting to know each one of them.  She really looks forward to promoting the same friendly, family atmosphere at the new Simpsonville site.

The kitchen staff at Eggs Up Grill boasts an 8-minute cook time.

Patt Sharmer says that she is so proud of their amazing staff and that they aim to make each customer feel comfortable.  Patt shares that, on most days, the facility boasts an 8-minute cook time.  The Woodruff Road restaurant has a small, but well-organized kitchen that allows for easy and efficient communication among staff.  Patt will continue as manager of the Woodruff Road facility after the Simpsonville site opens.

The millionth egg being prepared in Eggs
Up Grill highly efficient kitchen.

Eggs Up Grill, a restaurant chain originating in 1986 at Pawleys Island, has been granting franchises since 2004, and now includes over 32 facilities throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia with plans to expand into Florida. These restaurants, open 7 days a week from 6 a.m. through 2 p.m., offer all-day breakfast as well as brunch and lunch items.  With more than 20 years of restaurant management experience, Ricky Richardson became CEO of Eggs Up Grill in 2018. In an interview at today’s one-millionth egg celebration, he shared, “Dazz and her team have done a phenomenal job with this restaurant, becoming part of the community, building a team that embraces all their guests that come in.”

Ricky Richardson congratulates Dazz Collins on one million eggs served at the Woodruff Road store.

So, if you are wondering where to go for breakfast or even lunch, why not drop by Eggs Up Grill on Woodruff Road and start them on that second million egg count?

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