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Jack Pendarvis

To the editor: Bob Gecy gets the thanks for giving me space in the Sentinel to print whatever I want to write about! I just wish more of your readers would send you notes about what they like about our town, be it praise or take it to task about what’s going wrong….it could be trash pickup, garbage collection, traffic control or whatever gripe they may have. If you do not shake your bedsheets, they only get dirtier. On the other hand, praise always helps to give pride for a job well done!

It was a gray morning when my day began today, but as I sat down with my cup of coffee and looked out over my landscape, the sun came out, the Hummers came to my feeders, a hawk flew over with the snake in its beak. The butterflies were in the flower beds and the light rain had washed the pollen off my deck. Oh, what a wonderful world our Maker has given to us!

The article Connie had on NWF wildlife habitat several months ago hit the nail on the head. Creating a wildlife habitat garden to attract birds, butterflies, and other neighborhood wildlife is fun, rewarding, and makes a big difference. It’s easier than you might think. Here is what your wildlife garden should include: food, water, cover, and places to raise young! My place was certified years ago! Hang a birdfeeder, keep it filled with fresh seeds. Plant host and nectar plants for butterflies and hummers. You will enjoy looking out your door to watch a Hummer or butterfly feeding. Keep watching…There is a doe with twin fawns on my lawn, and the six-pointed buck is only a few feet behind them. “I love watching nature in this wonderful world!”

I used to wonder if my articles were read by your readers but many folks at church tell me they enjoy my banter. That’s why I put on paper whatever comes to my mind. I hope I can keep writing this column, but I have been diagnosed with chronic vertigo and other age-related illnesses but I’m still hanging in there. I’m going to keep on writing till I can’t.

Till next time,

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