Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

Mary Ann Kandravy Gecy and Bob Gecy
This is my favorite picture
of Mom and I

My Mother, Mary Ann Kandravy Gecy, was the dearest and most precious person in the world to me. She was loving, caring, funny, and athletic. She could smack a baseball, bowl a 600 series and ride a bike, as the story goes, while pregnant with twins. She was an amazing cook, a great alto who loved to sing, dedicated to our church (Holy Spirit Byzantine Catholic), such a great event organizer…and wow, could she play Poker! She worked hard, played hard and was the wonderful Mother of eight children…five girls and three boys! Even with all of those kids, I have so many memories of the things Mother and I did together. Just the two of us! Her memory is a constant source of sweet thoughts that make me smile and I miss her every day! We lost her in 2003 but her spirit lives on in our hearts. Happy Mother’s Day Mom. I Love You!
– Bobby Gecy

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  1. Shirley Adams

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful memories of your Mom in this touching tribute. She sounds like a very delightful and unique person!

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