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Did You Know?

Jack Pendarvis

Some of my church buddies wanted to know why my usual banter was missing in the last few issues of the Sentinel. There have been several issues I was having to deal with for the past few months. First, and this was the worst one, I developed a bad case of vertigo. Just remember I am 88 years old, and not too steady on my feet. My brain absorbs a lot of information every day, but sometimes I can’t get it out of that storehouse. A painful car wreck also kept me out of the loop for a while. I am a little better now and looking forward to a more active spring and summer!

I am enjoying the fruit of my years of turning this old pasture into a colorful place. At this time all of my azaleas have bloomed out, but they did put on a show! One exception is the Exbury azalea variety and the rhododendrons are beautiful. They are now at their peak, but when they are gone, I’ll have to settle for greenery in the landscape and houseplants on the deck. Of course, the wildlife keeps me entertained each day with lots of activity from a variety of species. You know I have always loved Nature!

Most of you have never seen our place. It really is something to see…a little paradise! The home sits on the side of a hill, that gives us a wide view of the yard and lake. A lot of cars come down the long driveway. They wave to me as they turn up the hill to get back on Westwood Drive. Come on over to get away from all the hustle and bustle. Enter at 103 and exit at 121 Westwood Dr. Y’all come! You’ll be glad you did!


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